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The Source

Gelato from Happy Cows

In July of 1985, my parents Paul and Linda Stanley founded Paul-Lin Dairy in Bakersfield, Vermont. Both had grown up on dairy farms and they decided to continue their work in agriculture.

As Paul had grown up with Jersey cows, they decided to purchase a Jersey herd. Jersey (brown) cows make rich, creamy milk and are smaller than the typical Holstein (black and white) cows, better for a smaller barn and working around small children as well.

Linda works full time on the farm, alongside my sister Claire, milking the cows twice a day. The herd of 25 milking cows is fed a diet of dry hay and grain in the winter and utilize a rotational grazing system in the summer months.  Paul works full time off the farm and helps often on the farm.

We are very proud of the high quality milk produced by our herd of Registered Jersey cattle and can't wait to share it with you! 

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